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OpenVPN 2.4.0

OpenVPN Review:

 OpenVPN is a private tunneling application that provides you the peace of mind by establishing a secure connection to networks and saves your identity from being compromised by hackers. It also recently paved the way for users from Heartbleed that took down millions of computers online. A secure channels are always preferred while working on the internet because there is too much of vulnerability for online users. It provides you the required privacy, for personal users, encryption from one end to another, which is very much desirable too.


 IT has two categories that serve business users and private users and applies superior technology to deal with them.
 - OpenVPN has a PrivateTunnel that is aimed at private users for encryption and completely secure connection to websites on the internet. It prevents spoofing and any kind of man in the middle attacks, which is a serious threat because these attacks hijack your sessions and can record or track your activities online.
 - This is also another major solution for internet censorship around the world at various lengths. You can remain obfuscated behind a private tunnel and reach out to your favorite website content without any issues.
 - It is a premium service with technical superiority. OpenVPN has been featured multiple times for its capabilities.


 Their VPN solution for the business users is the most dedicated and sophisticated scheme available in the market. They have acquired a huge market base owing to their technical abilities. They distribute their services under three categories, that is, Software Packages, Cloud Machines and Virtual Applications. They all have minimal interface and are very fast. The speed is of essence for all these applications and securing your connection is as simple as clicking a pair of buttons on the dashboard. There are more information on licensing and documentation for installation and usage. The settings can be tweaked for variety of used cases and scenarios.


 OpenVPN is available across all devices and platforms irrespective of its type and flavor. It is also available for BSD and LSB platforms like Linux and Ubuntu. It is available for iOS, OSX, Windows and Android. The file size is just 26.1MB and it is their latest release too. They are currently rolling 2.4 at all devices.

 OpenVPN is an amazing performer and is a must requirement for users in all scenarios like university students or business startups. It is also the best way to save yourself from online vulnerabilities.

Changes on the new version:
- Update build parameters to match openvpn-install-2.4_rc2
- Merge pull request #63 from selvanair/less-choice-v2
- Update build parameters to match openvpn-install-2.4.0
- Simplifiy user choices and always install openvpn, dlls and services
- Add missing /o to Section SecService
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